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Appointment of the choice of the dissertation topic and substantiation of relevance

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With the accepted justification the entrant goes to the meeting of the department, where the issue of the relevance of the topic is resolved, then recommendations are made to the board to approve the topic of dissertation research, ie full justification of the chosen topic is presented in a positive light.

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One of the main requirements of the High Accreditation Commission to entrants is to prove the relevance of the dissertation topic.

The dissertation should be primarily a scientifically qualified work in which the candidate is provided with solutions to problems of great importance for the development of science or various fields of leading management.

This means that if the task to be researched and solved is currently relevant to the scientific community or the economy, the dissertation itself will be completed on a relevant topic. The formulation of this aspect is in principle a justification for the relevance of the dissertation. However, if the candidate only officially states that the topic is important, it is not enough to justify the topic of the dissertation. Therefore, based on the analysis of the situation before the writing of the paper and the subsequent identification of trends, the applicant demonstrates why this issue should be studied now.

The relevance of the dissertation topic is formulated in the introduction and usually takes several pages of trust text.

What justifies the relevance of the dissertation?

Relevance is often justified in several ways. Thus, the analysis, based on the scientific literature and research, allows the candidate to conclude sufficient or insufficient coverage of the problem that has not been studied, and writing a paper allows you to fill the gaps. The conducted researches and experiments will help to solve an important practical problem, using the data received in the cheap dissertation, and the data developed in it.